It’s important to create a new headline to improve your search engine results. Also, a good headline can be the difference between attracting visitors to your site or ignoring it. The following sites include tools for creating unique headlines.

  • – (not affiliated with Upworthy)  delivers a new attention-getting title each time you click “Generate.” Although these headlines may be outrageous, they arouse curiosity and create clicks which generate traffic.
  • – This handy site recommends the proper use of capitalized words. Visit the home page and simply paste your headline into the field and it magically corrects capitalization errors.
  • – This website helps find popular headline keywords surrounding various topics to help your article rank higher in search engine results.
  • – Many headlines by Upworthy are outrageous, but this site will help with brainstorming ideas.
  • – Never underestimate the power of a synonym. Many times, simply inserting one word in place of another can elevate your title to the next level.

Even if the original post title got you to click, doesn’t guarantee that it will work well for your specific audience. It’s important to consider your target market when creating your post headlines.

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